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Phurua Bussaba Resort and Spa is located next to the road Loei-Lomsak or Highway no.203.  2 kilometers from the landmark of Phurua district only. Phurua Bussaba Resort and Spa has both hotel room and villas. For your privacy and want to experience nature up close.
Convenient to travel to various attractions in Phurua. Exposed to the cold air. Among the mountains and cool wind...
The Phurua Bussaba Resort & Spa
184 Moo. 2 Ban Nongsuakrang Nongbua Phurua Loei 42160
Tel :  042-899-299,042-899-330,086-218-3777
อำเภอภูเรือ จังหวัดเลย
Phurua Loei Thailand
โทร. 042-899-299, 042-899-330, 086-218-3777
The corner of the hotel is the
most beautiful scenery.Enjoy to
drink coffee and eat with a
beautiful  scenery  mountain
behind the hotel.[more..]
There are a variety of styles for
both villas and hotels.
Campsite and Resort Rooms Each
villa is equipped with modern
amenities [more..]
Luxury room
Phurua Bussaba Resort & Spa  is the Eco hotel conservation about environment and manufactering. Choose products that come from nature [more..]
Green Resort & Eco Hotel
Terrace restaurant
Souvenir shop
Enjoy shopping many souvenir
from Phurua  OTOP. We have
many local handicraft products.
Offer you to buy for your special
person [more..]
Ample Parking lot
Phurua Bussaba Resort & Spa
Located next to the main road.
That is Highway 203 (Loei -
Lomsak Road)We have  a big
parking lot. [more..]
There are clean  public toilets..
In 2011 we won Clean  Public
toilets  Awards of Loei Province .
Clean public toilet
Meeting & Conference
Phurua Bussaba Resort and spa
Available for conference and
banqueting rooms,including 2
Trips servise is offer for the guest who stay in phurua Bussaba Resort & Spa [more...]
Organic learning center
We have The Organic Learning Center  sufficient just like The King  for those who are interested watch and study the organic farm without [more..]